Creating a Simple Cleaning Schedule

Creating a Simple Cleaning Schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule can help ease the stress of feeling like you’re always cleaning, and always cleaning the same things over and over. There is no right or wrong way to clean your home. Do what works best for you and your family. Remember these are just suggestions. You may find that you want to implement all of these ideas, or only a few. You may like an idea but need to change it a bit to fit your needs. In any case, we hope you find some helpful ideas to lessen the stress in your life! 

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First thing first, sit down and write a list of what you feel you should be cleaning daily, weekly, and finally monthly. Tasks on your daily cleaning list should include essential cleaning that will help cut down on the amount of scrubbing needed.

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Items on your weekly cleaning list should be task that need to be done when you have time to complete the task. This can be different for everyone. You may have one day a week that you use that day to complete all your weekly cleaning tasks. Or, you may split your weekly cleaning tasks into a task each day. Both work, so pick what works best for you.

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Monthly cleaning items also can be split into days or a full day. Again, find what works for you. Tasks on your monthly list will be jobs that may require more time and deep cleaning - but do not need to be completed as often as other cleaning tasks. 

Find what works best in your home. Sit down and complete a list of cleaning tasks needing to be done and how often they need to be completed. Then create your cleaning list! While this may take a little time in the beginning, you’ll find that overtime you are saving time and living in a nice tidy home! 

If you are like us, it's nice to have little reminders to help you know what needs to be done. Click the link below to download and print our simple cleaning chart.