Ayla & Co

A bag built for life
A spark of tidy genius

Founders Nikki and Brody Day are parents to four young children, and needless to say have gone through their fair share of diaper bags. With Brody's functional approach, and Nikki's fashion forward touch, they have created the perfect diaper bag system for parents everywhere, allowing them to take on the chaos of parenthood with a little less mess.

About the Name

The name Ayla (eye-la) in its Hebrew roots means "oak tree" and in its Scottish roots means "from a strong and resilient place." Nikki and Brody fell in love with the name long before their bag became a reality, but they knew that Ayla was perfect for their company. Being steady, persevering, and dependable are lessons they've learned in parenting four kids. This means having the strength to remain true to their desire to "do the best we can" in spite of the obstacles that arise. Being less reactive while withstanding unpredictable circumstances that make up "life." Exhibiting strength of mind that enables parents to endure adversity with courage. These are all qualities that they wanted to encompass in their brand's story.

Parent focused features

Minimal look without functional compromise, designed to simplify your life so you can stay foucused on the important things.

Grounded & Resilient

Ayla & Co combines parent-friendly features with organization and style to create a diaper bag system that helps with life’s messy moments. Ayla & Co encourages parents stay resilient with functional solutions designed to help moms and dads take on the chaos of parenthood with a little less mess.

For life's
beautiful messes