Baby Registries: Do's and Don'ts

Baby Registries: Do's and Don'ts


There are so many new challenges you take on when becoming a parent, and enjoying a baby shower is a perk you should enjoy! Until you realize the stressful aspect of the celebration, your gift registration. It's exciting to be able to celebrate your new family member with loved ones, and if they want to gift you something special, here are our ideas for a successful baby registry.

We love this article from Parents, that stresses the importance of creating a list of products you will actually use (and love!) One point we love is that the Affordable Care Act offers free high-end breast pumps to all mothers, so there's no need for a breast pump to occupy space on your list. We also loved the idea of staying gender-neutral with the colors you choose. Who knows what the future holds, you may have a girl first, and a boy next. Choose products that will stand the test of time, and who knows if your daughter will even like pink, anyway.

Speaking of thinking ahead, avoid buying products you can only use while your child is an infant. They also point out that you should avoid filling your list with bonus items you "think" you might need, when in reality they go unused and create more clutter, aka, more for you to clean up. Stick with the essentials. 

We also loved this article from Baby Center. Let's start with a not-so-fun fact. Did you know the safety regulations on items like car seats and cribs change constantly? Don't hesitate to buy new products when they involve your child's safety, while you can rely on hand-me-downs with things like clothes. We're all for looking to other baby registrations as examples! Articles and blog posts like this are extremely helpful for the overwhelmed and expecting parent. Many stores and shops have them included as examples while you register. They might even offer registration consultations for free! Take them up on this offer, as some products you see might warrant more information.

Take this from us, the third trimester is exhausting. Start on your registration ahead of time, and you can always add onto it later into your pregnancy, stress-free. Lastly, don't hesitate to reach out to your friends (or us!) with more questions and ideas for your baby registry. We have interviews with mothers we look up to on our IGTV, for anyone looking for guidance, and inspiration, and insight on the crazy and beautiful adventure of being a parent .