Back to school tips and tricks!

Back to school tips and tricks!

It’s that time of year again! Back to school is here. Whether you are sending kids off for the first time or the 10th time this year, we have a few tips and tricks to help make it go more smoothly.

Print name labels or get name stamps. Make labeling your child’s items a breeze this year with name stamps such as this one. No more lost jackets and PE clothes! You can also create or purchase name labels such as these for school supplies, water bottles, and more.

Have a family calendar and command center. Having a designated space for your family schedule, a place to hang artwork, or a designated place for permission slips and teacher notes will help keep your family organized throughout the entire school year. 


Calendar with flowers and book


Use compact, compartmentalized bento boxes for packing lunches! Make lunch time more exciting with these adorable bento boxes for kids. They may even get excited about helping pack them up the night before. Here is an adorable, eco-friendly option for you and your kids.

Use storage bins for easy snacks on the go. We all know that life gets a little busier when school is back in session. Stock your pantry and fridge with these cute containers from The Container Store for easy after school snacks or lunch box options. You could even throw them in your Insulated snack pouch and toss it in your Ayla bag for goodies on the go!

Create smart schoolwork storage. Take pictures of your children's artwork and school work and upload them a photo book for a neat and organized keepsake. Now you can have all of their work for the year in one place and it takes up minimal space.

Make a homework caddy or bin where you can keep all your kids supplies for at-home assignments. An organized caddy  that can easily be put away and stored will also help keep your house tidy once homework is done.


Ivory Ayla Bag and Reusable Snack Bag


Invest in extra reusable snack bags like our Ayla snack bags! These reusable bags will always come in handy! Whether for your kids in-between activities or for a quick mom refuel it is always great to have a few extra of these on hand. Did we mention they are dishwasher safe?                                                                                                               

Utilize your Ayla Bag or pre-order your Mini! An Ayla bag is the perfect bag for busy moms on the go. Whether you are running your child's (forgotten) homework or gym clothes to the school, reaching for some snacks while in the school pick up line, or attending classes yourself and need to carry your laptop and assignments around, the Ayla bag is sure to provide adequate function while not compromising on style. 


Mom and daughter with Ayla Bag and Ayla Mini


The Ayla Mini might just be the world's cutest backpack for your little one’s back to school adventures. The functional bag is perfect twinning with mom with her Ayla diaper bag or also a great alternative for mom for smaller outings. Pre-orders for the Mini bag will be available on September 1st!

Prioritize sleep schedules. Lastly, make sure to start getting your kids back on a regular sleep schedule the week before school starts to avoid chaotic mornings and grumpy kids the first day of school. We suggest pushing up their bedtime by 10 or 15 minutes each day during the last week of summer.