Christmas Gift Guides for the Family

Christmas Gift Guides for the Family

Tis the season for holiday shopping! No need to stress, we’ve got you covered! Our team has rounded up some of their favorite gifts for all the special people in your life! 


Not sure which bag or color is right? Grab an Ayla Gift Card and let her pick the perfect bag on her own! 
For the zodiac lover in your life, this candle is a dream. Each day of the year has a specific scent and description. Each candle includes a description of: personality, tarot card, ruling number, ruling planet, and a customized scent fitting for your birth date.

For the true crime lover in your life. There’s been a murder, in order to solve you must complete the jigsaw puzzle! 

What mother doesn’t need extra sleep? This sleep aid helps teach your body how to fall asleep naturally and quickly. 

If you’re running out of room in your home for all your child’s artwork, you’re not alone. Plum Print allows you to be sentimental and keep your house clean! Upload pictures of your child’s artwork and turn it into a beautiful book!

After being on your feet all day, whether at home or work, this foot massager is for you! Everyone needs this in their life! 


The Ayla Vac is the perfect gift for the dads in your life! This is great to keep in the car or office, to help your main guy stay clean! 

If you’ve got a forgetful man in your life, these Apple Air Tags are perfect! They can be added to keys, wallets, bags, etc! No more looking for lost keys, this just solved your problem!

Does your child have a piece of artwork they are particularly proud of? There are so many places to get that artwork added to socks, ties, cufflinks, jewelry, etc. Show that little one how much you love their artwork by gifting it onto something for someone you love!

This bracelet is the perfect way for dad to keep his kids with him always! The lava rock is neutral and minimal to wear with anything. Just personalize it with your child’s name!

Is your special someone into the trend of creating their own coffee concoctions? Look no further! This nitro cold brew maker is the perfect item to add to their coffee creation collection. 

For the person in your life who always likes spicy food! This kit comes with different types and levels of spicy hot sauce! Never listen to them complain about the food not having enough heat again! 


Babies (Newborn - 1)

The Mason Bottle company has gotten feeding your baby down! Sign up for the first year feeding subscription and get new feeding essentials, based on your baby’s age and development shipped to you every 60 days! 

Tummy time for baby, but make it fun! If your baby is fussy about tummy time, this activity toy will change all of that! This wedge can help keep your baby entertained and interested, which will totally turn tummy time into an enjoyable experience for everyone! 

If your baby is chewing on everything, you’re not alone! This easy-grip chew cube was designed by a mom! This modern teether with soft silicone makes a teething baby happy! 

Toddlers (2-4)

This peg toy is the perfect toy to help your little one work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! Not only do they learn to grip, put the peg into the hole, and more advanced development of pushing the peg down to allow it to pop back up! 

Marble run toys aren’t just fun, but they help your little one with their hand-eye coordination!

If your little one has a wild imagination, this tent is sure to keep them entertained for days on end! 

Little Kids (5-6)

Not only is this little doll home adorable, it is compact and made for packing up and taking it with you on the go! There are so many options to add on to this home, your little one will love it! 

Magnetic tiles are always a crowd pleaser! The added bonus is that it helps your child learn to concentrate, focus, problem solve, get creative, and work on patterning skills!
The Toniebox is an audio system designed to allow your child to listen to songs and stories! You can order different Tonie characters to use with your Toniebox adding to the songs and stories your little one will love listening to!

Big Kids (7+)

If you’ve got an artsy kid who is also interested in coding, this is the perfect coding robot! Kids can create their own coding or use any of the pre-programmed designs!

Sleuth & Solve is a fun mystery book for your curious kids! This book includes 20 mysteries requiring your child to practice using logical reasoning and critical thinking!

The Toybox printer is an easy-to-use 3D printer for kids! They can design and print their own toys, or use the app to get ideas for what to print! This is a fun toy for the whole family to enjoy!
We hope this helps you along your shopping journey this holiday season!