Cool Winter Snacks

Cool Winter Snacks

Getting kids to eat can sometimes be a fight! Between the short winter days and holiday hangovers, fighting with your kids over snacks is the last thing you want to do! We’ve found some recipes that take everyday food items, and spice them up to give kids something exciting they want to put in their mouths! 

Penguin Bagel Snack

Photo: Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Penguin Bagels 

Nothing is sweeter than these little penguin bagels! 

  1. Cover half a bagel with cream cheese
  2. Cut grapes or blueberries in half and place around the tops and sides
  3. Use raisins for eyes 
  4. Cut orange slices or cheese slices for the feet and beak 

Viola! Your little one will have happy feet after this snack!


Snowman Snacks

Image: Ritz

Snowman Snacks

These snowman crackers are cute as a button! 

  1. Lay out three Ritz crackers
  2. Spread a layer of cream cheese on each cracker
  3. Add raisin eyes to the top cracker and raisin buttons the the bottom two crackers
  4. Cut a carrot to use at the carrot nose

So easy and still healthy! Turns a boring snack into something fun! Have older kids? Have them make their own snowman to add to the fun!


Polar Bear Snack Pack

Image: Thrifty Jinxy

Polar Bear Paws

This is a fun twist on chocolate pudding! 

  1. Take the lid off the chocolate pudding
  2. Cut a large marshmallow in half and put the marshmallow, sticky side up, in the pudding
  3. Add one large chocolate drop to the center of the marshmallow
  4. Put three small chocolate chips around the top of the marshmallow

This is a simple way to give your child’s pudding a boost! 


Reindeer Apples

Image: Fork and Beans

 Reindeer Apples

We know Christmas is over, but who doesn’t love a fun reindeer snack! 

  1. Slice the apple into circles
  2. Spread peanut butter on top of the apple slice
  3. Top with a mini cookie near the bottom of the apple slice
  4. Add a pretzel to the top of the apple, on each side
  5. Stick edible eyes above the mini cookie
  6. Finish off by adding a blueberry or raspberry, to the top of the mini cookie, for the nose


Meat and Cheese Snowflakes
Image: Eats Amazing 

Meat and Cheese Snowflake Crackers

  1. Lay out your choice of crackers
  2. Use a small cookie cutter, with your choice of shape, to cut out the lunch meat
  3. Using an even smaller cookie cutter, shaped like a snowflake, cut out cheese
  4. Stack meat, then cheese onto the crackers

Getting kids to eat healthy, or even at all, can be a challenge! These healthy snacks are sure to elicit a smile from the pickiest of eaters! While your kids may not love everything we’ve included on the list, we hope you can find something your child would like to try! Adapt these fun recipes to something your family would love! Which one are you looking forward to trying?