Easy Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes

There are a lot of reasons you might need a last minute Halloween costume. Some of the reasons we’ve needed to throw together a last minute costume are: a child changing their mind, you forgot to buy a costume, your child decides you need to dress up too. Don’t stress yourself over this too much! Last minute costumes can be simple and easy, without requiring a lot of time or materials. Here are some simple, last minute Halloween costume ideas.

from: sparkle in pink

Cat: Dress in all black clothing. Usually you can find a tail and ears at most stores. If you are unable to, add cat ears to an old headband and use fabric or a feather boa to make a tail! Complete the look by drawing whiskers!

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Athlete: Grab all your fan gear for your favorite team or athlete and get dressed! Add in a ball or trophy for a prop! You can even use some face paint if the sport calls for it. 

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Mummy: Using bandages, sports wrap, or even old torn up sheets. Wrap them around your body. You can even add some face makeup to add an aged look 

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Ghost: This look might be one of the easiest to pull off! Using an old sheet, cut holes for eyes, or even easier, throw on a pair of black sunglasses! That’s it! Your sheets don’t even need to be white, you could be a vintage ghost with florals, or even add red paint to make a bloody ghost. 

from: the surpriseaholic

Zombie: Rip holes in some old clothes. Use face paint to add a green or gray tint to your skin. You could even use face paint to add wounds.

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Super Hero: Grab that old superhero shirt and put it on! Or a white dress shirt, nice pants, and glasses - now you’re Clark Kent!

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Witch or Wizard: Dress in all black. Add a pointy hat and you are finished! You can add a wand or cap if you already have those items on hand. 

Having fun on Halloween doesn’t require the most expensive or most time consuming costume! Whether you forgot to buy a costume, or your child has changed their costume idea for the 100th time, you can still have a great time! Use what you have and enjoy making memories!