Easy Teacher Gifts

Easy Teacher Gifts

The end of the school year is wrapping up! Educators have been one, of many, professions that work tirelessly. Show some love and appreciation to your child’s teacher by getting them a gift they’ll really love! Take a look at some fun, creative teacher gifts we’ve rounded up below. 

In a Pinch Kit

Everyone needs an In a Pinch Kit but teachers, managing so many children daily, are arguably the most in need of a kit to help in a pinch. There are many options for this gift, including premade kits. Or if you’re wanting to you can make your own kit, customized to your child’s teachers specific needs and personality. 

A personalized name plate is always a favorite! This fun gift will allow your child’s personality or the teacher’s to shine! Again, you can use your creative skills to make this gift on your own, or you can find name plates online to purchase! 
We can’t argue that teachers could use more supplies. In fact, teachers could probably give you a list of the top supplies they are always seeming to run short on. Use this knowledge to your advantage and get your child’s teacher school supplies, but make it fun! Turn the supplies into a bouquet. Even more fun, have your child color the paper flowers you place on the supplies! 
There are so many different options for personalized teacher stamps. This can make things very fun for your teacher and their students. Anything from a stamp version of your teachers face to a specific phrase your teacher likes to say! 

Laminators and teacher’s workrooms go hand-in-hand! Help your child’s teacher out by getting them their own personal laminator. There are literally endless items your teacher, if given the time and resources, would laminate. 

Add more style to your child’s teacher’s wardrobe by getting the teacher their own personalized shirt! Help show your child’s teacher how much they have meant to your child. Your child’s teacher should be proud of the work they do. 

Help make the school year a lasting memory for your child’s teacher by getting the entire class in on the gift! This could be as simple as having each student decorate a heart or other shaped cutout. There are so many options for gifts to include the entire class. 



Let’s be real for a second, we all like gift cards! Even teachers! If you are a last minute shopper, don’t worry, give your teacher a gift card to Amazon or Target to use for the classroom, or send them out for dessert or a meal on you. They’ll love it either way, and there are a million free cute printable tags on Pinterest just for you!