Fit-4-Mom, and why we love it!

Fit-4-Mom, and why we love it!

Here at Ayla & Co, we love sharing any and all tips for making parent’s lives convenient and fulfilled. That is why today on the Ayla Grounded Blog, we are highlighting a fellow motherhood brand, Fit4Mom! Read on to see why EVERYONE at Ayla & Co loves this brand, and hey, you may want to see if there is a Fit4Mom franchise near you! For many of the Ayla Team, Fit4Mom is more than just a company. The majority of us were members of Fit4Mom at some point in our motherhood journey. We all wholeheartedly found love, support, and a community within our local Fit4Mom group. 

What is Fit4Mom?

Fit4Mom is a fitness group for, you guessed it, moms! The group mantra is: Strength in Motherhood. Which you’ll find, after attending a class, is very true. Fit4Mom is dedicated to this mantra by supporting moms in every stage of motherhood. This is done through different fitness programs; Fit4Baby prenatal fitness classes, Stroller Strides, Body Well, Strides 360, Stroller Barre, Run Club+ and so much more! Fit4Mom creates a village within each group so women can have the opportunity to workout and find support that is flexible around motherhood. Not only does Fit4Mom hold workout groups but they also include mom’s nights out, playgroups, and community events. 

Read on to see what our own experiences with Fit4Mom look or have looked like, and why each of us have such a deep love for this community:


I first found Fit4Mom when one of my friends opened up the first franchise in Utah. I went to her very first class and signed up on the spot. I then continued as a member, coming to classes almost daily for 2 years before I decided to become an instructor. I taught classes for a while after and then the opportunity opened up to purchase the franchise. I knew immediately that it was a good fit for me and absolutely loved my time participating and operating a Fit4Mom program. Some of mine and my kid's best friends have come from the program and I wouldn't change those special memories for anything.


I found Fit4Mom when I was teaching High Fitness. One day I got a call and was asked to teach a class for Nikki and the South Valley Fit4Mom group! I instantly fell in LOVE! I loved the atmosphere with babies all around and I loved that I could bring my kids because I didn’t have a babysitter! Those early years in motherhood can be challenging and lonely, and there is just something about connecting in real life with people who are going through it right along-side you. I truly would get FOMO when I was out of town for my Friday class, because I just knew all my friends would be there. After, we would stay and do crafts and play with our kids on the playground. Those days I looked forward to every single week. I taught for 5 years and loved it! I made some lifelong friends, and truly cherish the memories I made during that phase of motherhood!


I found Fit4Mom at a time in my life when I was very newly postpartum with my second child, and living in a new area. I needed a way to make new friends and one day I was driving home, passing a local park, and saw a group of moms working out with their children in tow! This caught my attention. I got the courage to pull over and spoke to the instructor, it didn’t take long for me to sign up. I have met some of my very best friends because of this amazing group!


I first noticed Fit4Mom before I had kids. When I would drive to work I noticed a group of moms pushing strollers and working out. A few years later, I had my first child and remembered the workout class I would always pass, and searched online to find out more. I was suffering from bad postpartum anxiety so Fit4Mom was exactly what I needed. It got me working out and helped me to make mom friends. It was nice to be able to get my workout in while keeping my son close by. Nikki came with me to my first class and I remember thinking how nice she was and made sure I was comfortable. Everyone was so friendly and so sweet. I made some long term friends from this community. 


I was introduced to Fit4Mom when I really needed it! I had recently moved to a new city, had very young kids, and some really big life changes making me feel extremely lonely. I had met another mom, who was already in Fit4Mom when I was dropping my son off for his first day of full day school. After a few months of getting to know this mom, she invited me to try Fit4Mom with her. Once I started at Fit4Mom, I was immediately brought into an amazing community that supported and loved me. My kids are a bit older now, and I no longer go to Fit4Mom, but I have lifelong friends from my time there. Some of my best friends were made there, as well as my boss and co-workers! 

If you find yourself wanting to find a great community and support system to help you through motherhood, try out your local Fit4Mom! They offer your first class free so you can get a feel for it before diving in. Click here to learn more about Fit4Mom programs. You can find a local Fit4mom Franchise here. Or, follow Fit4Mom along on social media to learn more about what they have to offer: @fit4momhq.