Gift Guides for Mom and Dad

Gift Guides for Mom and Dad

It’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays! Parents usually spend much of their time finding the perfect gifts for others, while often having to find last minute gifts for their partners. We’ve put a list together of some of our favorite gifts for moms and dads! 

Gift Guide for MomsMOMS

Ayla Mini Bag

  • The Ayla Mini Bag is at the top of our gift list for moms. It’s the perfect bag for quick trips or moms with older kids. While it’s smaller than the original Ayla Bag, it’s just as sleek and stylish!

Birth Flower Gifts

  • Birth flower gifts are all the rage, and we’re here for it! This gift is so versatile, the gift could be mom’s birth flower, a child’s, or a special someone’s! Whether it’s a piece of art, jewelry, or an actual planter with seeds you can’t go wrong with this gift.

Insulated Water Bottle

  • It’s crucial to take note of the amount of liquids, specifically water, you’re drinking. Regular water bottles or glasses are great, but do you know what’s even better? An insulated water bottle! Insulated water bottles are good for both hot and cold drinks. Another great advantage of an insulated water bottle is that it’s much more eco-friendly than plastic!

Child's Art Jewelry

  • There’s nothing more sentimental than a drawing your child has made for you! Now there’s an easier way to show off your child’s artwork! Make it permanent by sending a snapshot in and having it turned into a piece of jewelry!

Heirloom Recipe Pan

  • Do you or your significant other have a recipe that was given to you by someone special? Rather than digging out the recipe card each time you make your special treat, have it put on a pan, dish, or cutting board! There are so many options for this thoughtful gift, including using the original handwriting!

Gift Guide for Dads


The Ayla Vac

  • This vacuum is small but mighty! You don’t need a diaper bag to tote this compact vac around! It’s a great accessory to have in the car or office! With its dual suction and long battery life, it’s perfect for all messes thrown your way!

Accessories made from Child’s Art

  • Adding onto our jewelry from our mom gift guide is accessories for dad with your child’s art! This is such a fun way to not only show your child you love their artwork, but to show off their artwork to those you interact with! Check out a few ideas here: a tie clip, a money clip, a keychain, or cuff links.

Cocktail Making Kit

  • If your significant other enjoys making and mixing drinks, this cocktail making kit is the perfect gift! A kit with everything you need to make a one of a kind artisanal drink!

Beard Trimmer

  • When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a beard trimmer! A beard trimmer is an invaluable tool in a man’s grooming kit! This beard trimmer has a rechargeable battery allowing use for up to 60 minutes without a cord!

Record Player

  • A record player is a home accessory dad didn't know he needed! Record players give music a distinctive sound that can’t be matched! Break out his old records or buy some new ones, to enjoy on a modern record player.

Giving gifts to loved ones helps establish and define our relationships and strengthen bonds! Your gift can be a kind gesture, a show of gratitude, or a show of love. Whatever the reason, and whatever gifts you choose for your loved ones this year, find joy in the holidays and time with those around you!