Healthy, Easy Summer Recipes for the Whole Family

Healthy, Easy Summer Recipes for the Whole Family

Cooking meals in the summer can be hard! Whether it is running from activity to activity, work to pool, not wanting to heat up the house by cooking a meal, or just plain worn out. Today, we’ve gathered some recipes that help you get the heat out of the kitchen while still getting a nutritious, yummy meal. 


Pasta Limone

One-pot recipes always catch our attention, and one-pot, 15 minute recipes have our full attention! Something we absolutely love about this recipe is that many ingredients are likely already in your pantry. Even the pickiest eaters are going to love this one! From: Pure Wow



Israeli Spice Rub Grilled Chicken Pitas 

This recipe checks all the boxes for us! Not only is this recipe yummy, but it is versatile! You can use the chicken for salad, pitas, or over rice! Not only that, but you can choose a variety of different toppings. Flexible options like this seem to be a big hit in our home! From: Jonesin for Taste



Strawberry Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken

We love this recipe for summer! It keeps the heat out of the kitchen while still being healthy and easy! Bonus, there is a delicious recipe for homemade strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. From: Haute and Healthy Living



Instant Pot or Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef

Another delicious recipe for meat that gives you the flexibility to use it on a number of different items. Using the instant pot or slow cooker takes a large amount of time in your meal prep. Use this delicious, flavorful meat on warmed corn tortillas and enjoy your meal! From: Averie Cooks



Hummus Pita Pizzas

If you noticed, this isn’t our first pita recipe shared today. We have found that pita recipes are so versatile, not to mention easy! This recipe is also meat free, there are some amazing meat free meals out there! This meal has an extremely low prep time and also has the flexibility for members of your family to choose what they’d like to include as toppings.  From: Home Cooking Memories



Skillet Lasagna with Corn and Cherry Tomatoes

Have you ever heard of summer lasagna? This recipe gives us all the summer vibes, and the best part? It is only a fraction of prep time compared to normal lasagna. This delicious take on lasagna has our mouth watering! From: Pure Wow

Something we really like about the recipes featured is how adaptable these recipes are. Even your picky eater will find they can make these recipes work for them, while not being completely bland for the foodies in your family. So use the extra time these recipes leave you with to get out and enjoy the summer with your family. Whether summer keeps you busy or not, these recipes definitely beat the heat!