Independence Day Printables

Independence Day Printables
The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate independence in the United States. While there are many festivities happening in the days surrounding Independence Day, there may be a time when your little one needs something to keep them busy while you get ready to party! We’ve created these fun Independence Day Printables to help you keep your little one busy! 
Counting Page: How many times does each picture appear? Count them up and write the total in the boxes at the bottom of the page!
Word Search: Find the hidden words! There is a word key at the bottom of the page if you get stuck!
Patterns: Look closely at each line, which picture will come next? Fill your answer in the blank box, then do the next line!
Matching: Match the picture with the word! Draw a line to each match! 
Map: Can you find the state you live in? Color it in! Have you visited any other states? Write down the name of the other state’s you’ve visited, ask a grown up for help if you need. 
Coloring Pages: Three pages of fun Independence Day themed coloring pages.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday and stay safe!