Just For Mom: Making Time for Yourself

Just For Mom: Making Time for Yourself

If motherhood has taught us anything, it’s that moms are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even the most resilient women find motherhood can be extremely draining, oftentimes with no time to energize yourself. So, what is a mother to do, when she finds her reserves empty but no time and no space to refill? The answer isn’t a one size fits all answer. That’s why we’ve gathered a number of different ideas to help carve out time for yourself. Find one that works for you and use it, don’t feel pressure to try everything! Image: Adobe Stock.

 teach them to do chores

Involve the Whole Family in Chores

While infants obviously can’t help you around the house, it’s never too soon to introduce even a toddler to small chores. It may seem like more work in the beginning but children will actually get a feeling for all the work you do around the home when you ask them to take part in chores! Once your family gets the hang of helping out around the house, you’ll find you have extra time here and there for yourself! Image: learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org.


work out at home

Do Something At Home

If you find leaving home difficult, either because it takes too long to get where you want to go or you feel guilty about leaving, find something you can do for yourself at home. Cutting out traveling time can end up giving you more time to yourself! Make a personal space for you to go and be on your own while you: meditate, read, nap, exercise, craft, etc. Image: momtrends.com.


meditate with mom

Involve Your Kids

Finding childcare can be difficult for some parents if there isn’t family close or if you feel uncomfortable leaving your child. That is okay! Find something calming you can do with your kids! While you aren’t necessarily on your own, your children are seeing you take time for self-care and that is important too! Try yoga, drawing, read, anything you make special together. Image: trendy-mama.com.


moms that lunch

Go Out with Friends

Quit putting off going out and make a plan with a friend or friends! Then you’re sure to make it out of the house to do something for yourself because your friend is counting on you to be there! Make it as simple as a quick coffee or lunch date, or as long as a mom’s weekend out! You deserve it, so make it happen! Image: Adobe Stock.


wake up early

Change Your Sleep Schedule

Children tend to instinctively wake around the same time period as you. Try waking before your children and take time for yourself; get your work-out in, read, or take a shower. Not a morning person? Then carve out your time after your children have gone to bed.  If you have a baby or young toddler, you may be laughing at this suggestion. Don’t worry, children will get through those nighttime wakeful periods, eventually! Image: turningintomommy.com.


to do lists

Make To-Do Lists

Making a to-do list can help you think about what you need to do rather than what you want to do. These lists help you keep track of all your tasks throughout the day. Within your to-do list, schedule time for yourself. Even if you don’t get to it the first time, that is okay! Start by putting the time down for yourself, eventually you’ll make the time work for you. Image: wearyourmomgenes.com.


kisses for mom

Remember you’re doing your best, even when your days feel exhausting. Your children love you, and you love them! Recognize how amazing you are! You do not go unnoticed! Image: ohmyparentling.com.