Meet the Pebble Collection

Meet the Pebble Collection

Who doesn’t love the introduction of a new color collection!? We love introducing new colors! One thing is for sure, here at Ayla & Co., we don’t take the introduction of a new color lightly. Thoughtful consideration goes into each and every color collection. Our goal is for each of our collections to be timeless, inviting, elegant, and beautiful. We want you to love the color of your bag for a very long time, not just for one season. You can't rush perfection! Without further ado, meet Pebble... the perfect neutral "greige"! 


The first sparks of inspiration for Pebble came from a retired color, Stone! While we all loved our Stone Collection, it was forced into an early retirement due to a change in the type of vegan leather used. Nikki has been on the hunt for a perfect replacement for our beloved Stone Collection, but nothing felt right. We were looking for a stunning, earthy-toned and neutral staple color to add to our collection. After a lot of different color sampling we found Pebble, and knew it would be an instant best seller! 

The Ayla Bag and Ayla Mini Bag in Pebble!


Finding a timeless color was a must for the Pebble Collection. Our bag designs were already staples, so we wanted the color Pebble to be a timeless addition to any wardrobe. With this in mind, the pursuit for the perfect timeless Pebble was met with a lot of close color consideration and examination. 

While the color gray is considered neutral, there are many tones and hues. We wanted to find the most neutral, subtle yet exciting and sophisticated gray to create this collection. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we were searching for the most stunning gray that would serve to elevate any customer. 


Creating a classy and sophisticated gray was one of the highest priorities on our quest. Pebble definitely fits the bill. We feel Pebble gives a traditional elegance that everyone will love! We found the color has a warmth that flows with any occasion and outfit.  

This beautiful new color screams confidence! Pebble has been a long time coming and we feel she was worth the wait. We are so excited to finally see the pebble collection brought to life and worn by our amazing customers!