Spring Cleaning: Ayla Vac Edition

Spring Cleaning: Ayla Vac Edition

While the Ayla Vac was designed for our diaper bag, you can absolutely use the Ayla Vac in many other settings. Today we’re listing all the great places to use your Ayla Vac when you’re getting down and dirty with your spring cleaning. Here are some of our favorite places to use the Ayla Vac around the house.


spice cabinet drawer
image: abundance of everything
Spice Cabinet

Throughout the year small spills from your different spice jars add up. The Ayla Vac is compact enough to fit into your cupboards and help you clean up those spills. You’ll be amazed at how well the Ayla Vac picks up the small, fine spices and herbs.

cleaning your fridge/freezer
from: live simply
Freezer and Fridge 

Cleaning the fridge and freezer has to be one of the closest tasks on todo lists! Adding the Ayla Vac to your fridge or freezer cleaning routine can really help speed this chore along! Between hard to reach areas and small spaces, the Ayla Vac was made for this job!


dirt from plants

from: hgtv

Around Plants

Even the tidiest plant parent needs to clean up around their plant. Carefully use your Ayla Vac to pick up dirt or dust collecting around your planter.


laundry room

from: the spruce

Behind the Washer and Dryer

Dust, dirt, lint, debris, and even toys can end up behind your washer and dryer. This area is another hard to reach area in your home, but should also be kept clear and clean to avoid any fire hazards. The Ayla Vac can be used very quickly and easily to help this area stay clean and clear!


lint tray

 from: homemade simple

Dryer Lint Trap

Even with constant cleaning of your dryer lint trap, a good vacuum can help get stubborn lint and dust out of the lint trap. Built up lint can be a fire hazard in your home, make sure you’re cleaning your lint trap and regularly having your dryer cleaned by a professional.


crumb tray

from: Martha Stewart

Crumb Drawer on Toaster

Nothing collects crumbs like a toaster! If your cupboard and toaster are anything like ours, then you have a constant trail of breadcrumbs leading from the toaster to its home in the cupboard! Grab your Ayla Vac and clean out the crumb drawer on your toaster and the area surrounding the toaster.


oven drawer

from: finding lovely

Drawer Under Oven

Crumbs, dirt, dust, and grime tend to collect in the drawer under your oven. A full size vacuum can be hard to use in such a tight space. Queue the Ayla Vac. The cordless feature of the Ayla Vac is particularly handy in this small space. 


couch cushions

from: tic interiors

Under Couch Cushions

If your house is anything like ours, you could put an entire meal together with the amount of food kids have dropped in the couch cushions! Rather than wrestle a large vacuum hose, pull out your Ayla Vac and get those tough to reach crevices in your couch!


heat vents

from: pacific register

Heat Vents

Heat vents are another small, hard to reach space. Along with your dryer, vents should be cleaned regularly by a professional. However, between professional cleanings, the Ayla Vac can help keep the area free of dirt and debris.



from: pexels


The Ayla Vac makes quick work of dirt or sand left behind from your latest trip! Make it a habit to quickly run your Ayla Vac through your suitcases after a trip or before a trip to make your packing go smoother. Nothing says vacation like a clean suitcase!


car cup holders

 from: istock

Car Cup Holders and Hard to Reach Areas

Once you have children, your car becomes a beacon for trash, dirt, crumbs, and toys! Not only is it difficult to keep your car clean, but there are so many small areas that are extremely hard to reach. The Ayla Vac is perfect for cleaning in the tiny crevices of your car! 

ayla + co vacuum


Integrating your Ayla Vac into your spring cleaning routine can help you knock out your cleaning list much quicker! The Ayla Vac is also small enough that you can involve your little ones in the process. This can be a fun way to teach your child how to clean or do chores around your home. Whatever way you choose to use your Ayla Vac, we hope you love it as much as we do!