Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring Crafts for Kids

The weather is starting to turn around and we are having some beautiful sunny days! If you find yourself needing to get some spring energy out with your kids, here are some very cute crafts that you can do with them!

Nature Roll

by lulus green life

What child doesn’t like going on a nature walk? Take your little one out for a walk and let them choose some nature treasures to bring back with you. Have them choose different shapes and different colors of items to give their nature roll variety!


Snippy Chicks

by i can teach my child

What a fun way to celebrate Spring! Use any yellow paper or crafty items in your home and let your child create their own baby chick. Use googly eyes and add a nose and legs for even more fun!


by chasing 50 toes
Save this one for a rainy day that usually show up this month! Cut out paper clouds, and add faces to them. Use yarn the colors of the rainbow and hang them from the clouds. Hang these cute crafts up somewhere of your child’s choosing to bring smiles to your family!


by crafts by amanda

What a fun animal craft! This one is sure to be a good time with kids of all ages. You probably have the supplies on hand too. The best part about these types of crafts is the hours of play time they will bring your children after!


by mommy made that
If you are a boy mom they will LOVE this one! Such a simple craft so even small toddlers can participate! Maybe even combine this with storytime and read the classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. It’s sure to be a fun afternoon for everyone.


by mommy made that
Need a craft for a class party? This is perfect for kids who are reading. Let them choose their colors and decorate their bookmarks however they want. It will get them excited to read and they’ll have a fun bookmark, or for those tinies that are just starting out, they can use it as a pointer as well.


by organized island
A classic, but ALWAYS a good time! Simply grab some unused coffee filters, let the kids color them, spritz with water, hang to dry and turn them into butterflies! You could hang these in their bedroom window and they will be sure to bring smiles to their faces.


by crafts by amanda

This is a super fun and easy craft to make with your little ones! You can do this craft on a rainy day, stuck inside, or on a sunny day when you’re going out exploring. Your little one will love using these binoculars to explore their surroundings. 


We hope this sparks some ideas for you to spend some quality time with your little ones. Display these all season long, or take them with you on your outdoor adventures!