Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List
School’s out and summer is here! You may be asking yourself “how do I keep my kids busy all summer” or “how do I keep my kids from fighting and being bored.” A great way to fight summer boredom is creating a summer bucket list, with your children. Have each child pick a few things they really want to do and make your list! Your list can include simple activities, big adventures, or a mixture of both! Once you have your activities, create a fun list your kids can see, this will keep them excited!
We’ve listed some of our favorite summer bucket list activities, as well as created a free printable, so you can mark them off all summer long!
Visit a new park
Go to the pool
Get a snow cone
Visit a friend
Go on a hike
Make bubble art
Fly a kite
Build a sandcastle 
Have a picnic 
Go on a nature walk
Make s’mores
Plant flowers
Go for a bike ride
Visit the zoo
Go camping
Outdoor movie
Go to the library
Have a water fight
Have a popsicle 
Do something kind for a stranger
Go to a parade
Take cookies to someone
Bake something new
Draw a chalk obstacle course
Backyard camping
Go mini golfing 
Watch a sunrise
Watch a sunset 
Do sparklers
Playdate with a grandparent
    You may not get to all of these activities, but we hope they spark some ideas for when you just might need something to do. Grab our free printable and tag us as you complete your Summer Bucket List!