Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Kids

It’s November, and you know what that means, Thanksgiving!  Which makes it the perfect time to focus on people and things you’re grateful for, and how to give back to your community. So while you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and discussing all the many things you are thankful for, we’ve put together some crafts and activities to help you focus on being thankful!  

Thankful Tree

Photo: The Inspiration Board

Thankful Tree

This activity is fun to talk about while you’re creating it! Ask your child what they’re thankful for and write those things down! Even if some of their ideas of what they’re thankful for seem silly, write them down! 

  • Draw, paint, color, or print a bare tree onto a piece of paper
  • Help your child write each thing they’re thankful for on a leaf! 
  • Finish off by gluing the leaves to the tree!

Grateful Pie 

Put a twist on a thankful tree and make a grateful pie instead! 

  • Using a paper plate, trace lines to create “slices” of pie onto the plate. 
  • Help your child write one thing they are thankful for on each slice of the pie. 
  • Cut orange cardstock into a circle, with a slice cut out of the circle. This cut should be large enough to see once slice at a time. 
  • Use a brad to connect the orange cardstock to the paper plate. This will allow the plate to spin so you can see each grateful slice, one at a time!

Handprint Turkey

Photo: Simple Everyday Mom

Handprint Turkey

This craft is so cute and helps you remember the size of your child at the time they made it! There are so many variations to create a handprint turkey! Make the handprint turkey that best fits your family’s personality! 

  • Using color cardstock trace 4 handprints, to create turkey feathers. 
  • Use brown cardstock to cut a turkey body. 
  • Glue the colorful handprint feathers to the turkey body. 
  • Finish up by adding googly eyes and a face! 


Fall Scavenger Hunt

Help your little one get their wiggles out by going on a scavenger hunt! You can make this as simple or complex as you like! There are all kinds of scavenger hunt printables online, or you can make your own! 

Fall Leaf

Photo: A Pumpkin and a Princess

Pumpkin Pie Counting 

This activity is two in one! A craft and a math game! Start by making your pie! 

  • Use a white paper plate as your pie plate.
  • Cut brown construction paper for your crust.
  • Then cut a smaller orange circle to be the pumpkin in your pie! 
  • Cut the pie into quarters, depending on your child's age, you can make more pies to make the activity more difficult. 
  • Draw numbers or math equations on each piece of pie! 
  • Then your child will put the number of  whipped cream scoops, cotton balls, on top each pie piece! 

Feed the Turkey

This isn’t just a cute activity, it’s great for your little one’s fine motor skills. 

  • You will need a plastic jar.
  • Cut a few turkey feathers from colorful construction paper and glue onto the plastic jar.
  • Add some googly eyes and your turkey is ready! 
  • Give the pompoms to your child and they will use the tongs to pick up pompoms and put them into their turkey! 
  • Make it more challenging by using a bottle with a more narrow neck!

Fall Leaf Painting

Take a walk in the beautiful fall weather and gather some leaves. 

  • Grab some paper, paint, paint brush, tape, and your leaves. 
  • Tape your freshly gathered leaves to the paper. 
  • Paint over top of the leaves. This will leave the paper below the leaves blank. 
  • After the paint has dried, remove the leaves, and you’ll have a beautiful painting! 
  • Don’t have real leaves? Try using artificial leaves! 

However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you are surrounded by loved ones! Nothing can lift your spirits more than being with those who love and support you for who you are! Show your child the importance of having loving, healthy relationships with those closest to you! Teach your child to be willing to learn and grow by showing them how to respect and learn from others. Focus on enjoying the holiday with your child and loved ones!