Valentine's Treats, Crafts, and Activities

Valentine's Treats, Crafts, and Activities

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While it can be fun to celebrate different holidays with your little ones, it can also become overwhelming and over the top. Don’t fall into the trap of spending so much time and effort trying to reach unreachable expectations. Rather, find some fun, easy, and simple activities, crafts, or treats that your little ones will love. It may not turn out picture perfect, the most important thing is spending quality time with your little one. 

by: Little Bins for Little Hands

When you see this toy in action, you’ll think it is going to be a difficult task to pull off. However, thaumatrope spinner toys are quite simple. Not only are these spinner toys easy to make, your little one can be as creative as they’d like when drawing their images! 

by: I Heart Crafty Things

This craft only requires a few household items you’re sure to have lying around. Your little one is sure to have a great time coloring this love bird craft and lots of time playing with it once they’ve finished making the craft. Have some fun by seeing who can keep their love birds rocking the longest!

by: Cook Eat Go

For your popcorn loving little one, this recipe is a fun variation of regular popcorn. Simply make your plain popcorn and add melting chocolate or almond bark with fun Valentine sprinkles. Viola! You’ll have a delicious, and easy, treat to share with your little one on Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day popcorn that can easily be changed to fit any holiday or event too, this recipe is easy to have year round!

by: Little Bins for Little Hands

If you have a budding scientist, you are going to love this activity! And what Valentine’s Day activity would be complete without conversation hearts?! This is the perfect use of those conversation hearts you always seem to have lying around during Valentine’s Day! This fun activity can be tailored to the age, and interests of your child as well. 

by: Paging Super Mom

Everyone loves paper chains, but this is a fun twist to give a love day spin to an old favorite! Again, this craft is very simple and can be done with items found in most households. With a few extra steps, you can turn a normal paper chain into a fun string of hearts for Valentine’s Day!

by: What Moms Love

We’ve seen cookie cutters used a lot in the toddler food world, but this takes it a step further - without making you work harder! Kids love emojis and this is a fun way to incorporate it in a meal. Using cookie cutters to design some of your little ones favorite emoji’s you can make these too!

by: Macaroni Kid

This Valentine craft can be a fun activity for your little one to create and send to loved ones that live far away - or to send to work with mom or dad! There is so much flexibility in this craft that you can let your little one run wild with their imaginations! Whomever receives your child’s mailable heart will feel like the luckiest person on the planet!

by: Alice and Lois

This is a fun little craft you can do on Valentine’s Day or beforehand so your little one can wear it for the day. Wooden beads can easily be swapped for pony beads, or anything similar you have on hand. Much like the other crafts we’ve listed, this craft can be tailored to your child's ages too. 

by: Stacy Julian

This fun Valentine’s Day activity may require some adjustments for younger children. If you have older children, this will be a fun activity to keep them busy and use their candy! This can be a fun game to use in a classroom party, or just while you’re at home. In any case, we think your kids will love it!

Your kids think you are wonderful and great just the way you are; don't let holidays overwhelm you! Keep them simple and fun! Pick one or two of these and just enjoy being with your little people.