5 Fun + Practical Earth Day Activities For Kids

5 Fun + Practical Earth Day Activities For Kids

Earth Day is this week, and responsibly sourcing our products is important to us at Ayla and Co.! Doing our best to take care of the planet is an important part of our mission, so we're excited to celebrate this holiday. Raise awareness with your little ones by participating in these fun and practical activities. Hint: they'll teach kids about recycling, using sustainable ingredients, and the power of plants!

Handprint Earth Day Craft:

This craft is simple, but interactive, and very fun. The bigger picture message is that your kids are learning that they have the power to keep the earth clean and healthy! Try it out here. >



Mess-Free Earth Day Painting

Kids will have so much fun going crazy with paint, and you'll have fun not having to clean it up. This concept is brilliant! Try it out here. >

Egg Carton Tree Craft

Leave less of a carbon footprint while your kids have a blast creating their own trees. Take something you normally would have thrown away and make beautiful art! Try it out here. >

Bird Seed Craft

Not only is this project sustainable, but it provides a way for your kids to interact with nature! Treat the birds, and watch how excited your kids will be when they enjoy their homemade feeder! Try it out now. >

Seed Bombs

If you've got a kid with a green thumb (or an aspiring green thumb), who wants to know more about gardening. Grow an herb garden and they'll learn skills to last a lifetime! Try it out here. >