How-To Keep Your Car Clean As a Busy Parent!

How-To Keep Your Car Clean As a Busy Parent!

Let’s face it, keeping the car clean with little ones can be quite a challenge. In fact, it's almost like your right of passage as a mom to have a dirty or cluttered car because we have other more important things to worry about, right? But we have found these quick and easy tips to help you keep your car more organized and tidy! One less headache for parents everywhere.

1. Keep a trash can in the car. This really can be as simple as a plastic grocery bag or you can find some really cool and discrete trash bags on amazon like these, for just $7.99! These are great because they are reusable so you can reduce your environmental footprint as well. It is always nice to have an easy place for tissues, wrappers, or even coffee cups when you are finished.

2. Keep wet wipes that are easily accessible either in your wipe pocket in your Ayla Bag or in your center console for quick cleanup of any surface. Let's face it, the longer the spill remains on whatever surface it's on, the harder it is to remove. Having these wet wipes easily accessible is a game-changer.

3. Follow the in-and-out rule! It’s pretty easy to remember, when something goes in, that same something comes back out once you leave the vehicle. Toys, Jackets, snacks, soccer cleats…. You name it). This is a great rule to teach the whole family and its a great habit to form while kids are little!

4. If you have a front-facing car seat, you can protect your upholstery from dirt and footprints with this mat. We all feel those little fit kicking our seat, now you can at least be less annoyed knowing they aren't damaging your leather.

5. Have spare change? We all know how it goes, when you need it you can’t find it, and when you don't need it, the coins seem to be lying around everywhere! This is a simple and cheap life hack that will solve that problem. Simply buy a small plastic container that fits in your cup holder, or copy this smart trick from Kalynbrooke (see below photo), and use a small plastic chewing gum container with a lid so you can throw all your spare change into it when you have it. Then when you need it, you know right where it is. And if you need to take it out of the car it's easy to transport.

6. Finally, keep your Ayla Vac somewhere where you can easily grab it for a quick car seat (or let’s face it, any seat) clean up! There is nothing worse than picking up smashed goldfish by hand! Store your Ayla Vac in your side door cup holder or back seat and it takes you a quick 10 seconds to vacuum it up! And no need to drag out the big bulky shop vac to do the job.