A Greener Way to Snack

A Greener Way to Snack

At Ayla and Co, we are more than a diaper bag company. We are a brand dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by creating sustainable products that are responsibly sourced AND committed to helping our customers make “greener” choices along the way.

That is why we include our reusable silicone snack bags in each of our Ayla Diaper bags! We love this feature for several reasons. It is perfect for snacks (hot or cold) and can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. This will help cut down on one time use snack baggies and help reduce waste, one snack at a time!

We also have these adorable snack bags available for purchase on their own as a single bag, or you can bundle and save when you purchase 2 or 3 snack bags. Now you can be prepared for the hangry toddler meltdowns! Need a fun and healthy snack to carry around in our snack bag? Here is one of our favorites!

Ayla + Co Wet Bag

Ayla and Co also includes a reusable wet bag with each Ayla Diaper Bag. This bag is a great temporary trash bag or dirty clothes bag that will not only help keep dirty items from making a mess in your diaper bag, but will also help reduce waste since they can be washed and reused! Need another tip for your wet bag? Use it when you travel for bottles that contain liquids, or use it after swimming to store your wet bathing suits! 

We are thrilled to be adding to our product line in the near future and have so many Ideas for ways to help you stay organized and prepared for life’s messy moments.