How to Use Your Ayla Bag and Vacuum This Summer

How to Use Your Ayla Bag and Vacuum This Summer

The Ayla Bag is so much more than just a diaper bag. It is the perfect travel bag or work bag and is the ultimate bag for all your summer adventures. Here are a few ways to use your Ayla Bag this summer.

  • Take it to a farmer's market. Pick up some local produce or flowers at a neighborhood market. Transport your produce in your insulated snack pouch to keep items from overheating. 

Sunflowers and Ayla Bag on Stroller

  • Take it to the pool. The Ayla bag is perfect for trips to the pool, and with its labeled, organized pockets you will never have to dig for the sunscreen! Also, the reusable wet bag is perfect for transporting wet swimsuits back home without getting the other contents of your bag wet.

Ayla Bag by Pool

  • Take it on a road trip. The Ayla bag is perfect for road trips! Pack your silicone snack bag and insulated pouch full of travel snacks, and utilize the two expandable water bottle pockets.  Also the Ayla Vac is perfect for those car or hotel room messes!

Ayla Snack Bag with strawberries

  • Visit the beach. Summer time means family vacations. The long summer days and the beautiful beach sunsets will create memories that last a lifetime. But our least favorite part of the beach is the sand that comes home with us…in shoes, in bags, in carseats, you name it. With the Ayla Vac you can easily solve this sand dilemma and make your beach journey a more enjoyable one.

Ayla Vacuum with sand and shoes

  • Take it on a campout. Camping never looked so tidy and organized! The easy to wear and comfortable backpack straps are easy to wear on a hike or around your campsite. Magnetic front pockets are perfect for bug spray, chapstick or sunscreen. And quick clean up with your Ayla Vac makes for happy campers!
  • Hit up a local state fair or carnival. Nothing says summer more than a local fair! The Ayla Bag has plenty of room for all those carnival prizes your kids will insist you win for them (and then refuse to carry)…