Affordable Family Date Ideas

Affordable Family Date Ideas

While date night alone with your partner is important, family date night is important to make sure you’re spending quality time together. Doing something, together as a family, isn’t just about quality time but also is a great way to show your family you love them. Prioritizing quality time together with your children doesn’t have to be extravagant. We’ve gathered a few fun, inexpensive family date night activities.


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A family hike can be a fun way to get outdoors! There are so many trails and hikes around, you will be able to easily find one that fits the needs of your family. You set the pace and find a fun hike that works for you and your family! Add some fun by playing a game while hiking, like I Spy!


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First things first, choose your movie! This could be a new movie or an old family favorite! Set up your space to make the night feel special: blankets, pillows, or even change up the seating. Next: snacks! Something as simple as giving each person their own container of popcorn. Now, sit back and relax!


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Make it a goal to visit different parks near you. Try to go to a different park each time! You may discover some pretty cool parks you never knew were around! A picnic goes right along with park hopping. Pack up a meal when you decide to head to the park. When you’re done eating, spend some time enjoying what the park has to offer!


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Break out your games and have a gaming marathon! Every family has different interests, so your game night might look different. Don’t have a specific game interest, try a few different games! There are: board games, card games, active games - where you get up and move your body, electronic games - where you use a gaming platform to play, the possibilities are endless and so is the fun!


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Bowling and mini golf are always a hit, and neither activity breaks the bank! Add a twist to your game by making teams. Another fun twist can be having a fun question to answer at each mini golf hole or bowling frame. If keeping score dampens the mood, then just focus on having fun and not keeping score!


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Make a family trip to the library! Spend time in each section, looking for the perfect book for each member of the family. Studies show the importance of reading, making a trip to the library a priority shows your children the importance of reading in their life. After finding books for everyone, go on a scavenger hunt within the library!


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Is there someone in your family showing interest in a new activity? Try it out together! This could be anything: painting, puzzles, gardening, starting a collection, etc. There are so many family friendly hobbies to get into. You could also share a favorite hobby of your own with your family! It is a great way to introduce and share something you care about!


There is no need to stress to make your family date night perfect, the goal is to spend time together! Choose one or all of the activities to try!  There is no pressure, do what your family loves and focus on that! Date nights with your children, and whole family, give you a chance to connect by focusing on one another and make fun memories. There are more options now than ever for you and your family!