At Home Date Night Ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas

As parents and caregivers, we can sometimes forget to work on continuously cultivating a relationship with your partner. Working on your relationship with your partner is important and can often be left behind or forgotten when children are in the mix. As Valentine’s Day approaches, an “at-home date night” might be exactly what you need! Spending time together, can be really simple and incredibly fun! While many of these ideas are simple, many are also extremely budget friendly too.

Dating your partner doesn’t have to be a big elaborate thing. Often times, it’s the simple nights you stay in that lead to deep connection. Some simple guidelines that can help your date nights be successful (especially at home), plan it out with your partner, help each other get the kids to bed (maybe even early!), and last and most importantly…. put your phone AWAY! It won’t really matter what you two are doing, but giving your partner your full undivided attention will show them that you want to be there, and that nurturing your relationship is important to you!

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Have a Baking Contest: Simply pick and create a dessert you think the other person would like. Then have fun in the kitchen making that dessert for your partner. When you are both finished, enjoy chatting and trying both desserts!


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Start a Book Club: Create your own "exclusive" book club, where you two are the only members. Take turns picking books, read them independently, and then set a time to sit down and chat about the book together!


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Take a Virtual Cooking Class: Find a virtual class online, or even just a "how to" video on YouTube. Work together in the kitchen to learn how to make something new.


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Destination Dinner: It may not be realistic for everyone to visit every place they want to. Use a dream destination as an idea for your date, and align the food to the destination. Take it to the next level and decorate, dress the part, or watch a movie after dinner that is set in that location.


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Fondue for Two: Pick up some fruit, yummy snacks, and some chocolate, and enjoy a dessert night just the two of you! There are so many recipes online, but even just melting some chocolate, or drizzling caramel on some snacks will be fun!


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DIY Paint & Wine Night: Sure there are paint shops, but you can also pick up a canvas and paint, and simply watch a tutorial or online class from the comfort of your own home. Pair it with a new wine, and you've got yourself a good time!


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Couples Taste Testing: This can be easy and quick! Find some foods you have lying around, (or you can take your time and plan too) blind fold your partner and have fun guessing what the other is feeding you!
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Play Video Games: Take it back to when you were kids, and whip out some old video games. Pick games that are simple, fun, and will make you laugh. Don't let things get too serious, this is just about spending quality time together! You can even make it spicy, and place some bets!
Keep reading for more ideas on what date nights you can do from home!
  • Watch a favorite childhood movie: snuggle up with some popcorn, and watch an old film from your childhood!
  • Breakfast in bed: surprise your partner with a simple breakfast in bed!
  • DIY spa night: this could be a candlelight tub, giving each other massages, facials, or pedicures. This can also be such a good way to wind down from a hectic week!
  • Put a puzzle together: sit down with some music, your favorite snack, and just talk while working on a puzzle!
  • Order dinner to go from your favorite restaurant: eat this picnic style, make it fancy with candles, or just indulge in your bed; eating a meal with your partner without children is always magic!
  • Make dinner together and eat by candlelight: plan out the menu together, and help each other in the kitchen!
  • Watch a concert together: there are so many concerts available on streaming services these days, pick an artist you both enjoy, and pretend you are there!
  • Game night for two: There are plenty of board games, and card games for two players! Take turns picking a game and just enjoy being with your partner one-on-one.
  • Plan your dream trip: Whether this can happen for you now, or in the future, planning out a dream trip is just fun to do, and who knows, maybe it’ll make it on your bucket list sooner than you realize!
  • Recreate your first date: this could be so fun, eat the same meal you ate, watch the same movie, set up your own mini golf course around the house, whatever your first date was, just recreating a part of it will bring back all the feels.
  • Plan a romantic scavenger hunt: send your partner on a scavenger hunt, and put a special basket of surprises at the end!
  • Create a couples bucket list: this can be places you want to see, restaurants you want to visit, experiences you want to do with your partner, and most importantly, WRITE THEM DOWN!
  • Try a date night subscription box: there are plenty out there that could be so fun, pick one that fits your relationship, and give it a try!
  • Learn your love languages: take the time to read the book if you haven’t and then talk about how you show and feel love. Maybe it’s different than what your partner thinks it is.
  • Watch the sunset together: cuddle up together in your backyard, or on your porch and simply be present with your partner while you watch the sunset!
  • Do a couples yoga class at home: find a yoga class you can stream from your TV and challenge your partner to do it with you!

Sometimes, as parents, life can feel too busy and date night can be put on the back burner. Working on your relationship with your partner should be something you put aside time and energy into. Put it on the calendar! Figure out how often the two of you can actually fit it in and make it happen! Although finding time to cultivate your relationship, when you have little ones can be difficult,  at-home dates can be a great way to spend time together, and who knows, maybe it may be the most realistic way for you two to “date”!