It’s that time again, back to school! Whether you’re looking forward to it or feeling the nerves of letting your child go, there are a few things you can do to help transition smoothly. There are many things you can do or may need to do to get your child ready for the first day of school. Here are some tips we think can help!

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Read books about starting school

Whether it’s back to school or starting school for the first time, your child may feel a bit nervous or excited, or both. There are many books out there that talk about the first day of school. Reading these books can help your child feel more confident and comforted about the first day of school. Books about the first day of school can also ease your child’s mind about what to expect. 

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Set goals

Starting school can cause nerves and anxiety with many children, and parents. That’s okay, it’s totally normal to feel these feelings, but don’t ignore those feelings. Talk to your child about what they are looking forward to and what they are worried about. Setting goals for the school year with your child can help them be successful. Even if you have a younger child, try having them pick a word to focus their attention on. This could include: friendship, kindness, perseverance. Then, throughout the week, month, or year discuss this word with your child. 

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Meet the new teacher

Many children worry about who their teacher will be and if they will like their teacher. Helping to introduce your child to their teacher early is one great way to calm their fears. Many schools host back-to-school nights, where you can go and meet your teacher. If your child’s school doesn’t do this, find a way to casually introduce your child, without taking too much time from their teacher's planning schedule. 

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Visit the school

If you’re new to the school your child will be attending, this can also cause some anxiety. Will they know where their classroom is? Where are the bathrooms? Where will they eat lunch? Help your child familiarize themselves with the school by going to back-to-school night to see the school. If your child is older and has already attended school, have them show you around. If you’re unable to tour the school, look at the school website or try to help your child imagine what they will see and do at school. 

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Connect with friends

Knowing you have a friend in class can make a big difference when the school year comes around. Try finding out what class your child’s friends will be in. Set up playdates with friends that will be in the same class to attempt to help your child feel more at ease. 

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Make a routine 

Going from summer to school schedules can be chaotic and challenging! Have a family meeting to talk about what will be changing when the school year starts. Make a schedule together, including a morning routine, after school routine, and bedtime routine. Then start to implement your routine before the school year starts. Creating a routine can help your child feel comfortable and ready to go on the first day of school. 

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Make a lunch plan

When school starts, it can be busy and stressful. Packing a lunch doesn’t have to add to the stress of the day. Make a plan with your child for lunchtime. Will they be eating school lunch, or packing their lunch? What do you expect your child to pack in their lunch? Many schools post their lunch menus a week or month in advance. Print out the lunch menu so your child can see if they are interested in eating at school or bringing their own lunch. 

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Pick out school supplies

Sometimes the best way to get your child excited about the new school year is school shopping! Let your child help you fulfill their school supplies list, or pick a new backpack or outfit for the school year. Giving them something they feel like they control can give them confidence and give them something to look forward to. 

We hope that even if your little one is nervous about their first day, that these tips can help you and your child feel more confident going into the school year. Remember, every child is different. Some children may look to the start of school with excitement, while others may need more time to settle in and feel comfortable. Be patient with yourself and your child. You can do this!