Back-to-School Crafts

Back-to-School Crafts

Back to school is coming, whether you’re ready or not! If you’ve got a nervous child or even an excited child, these fun crafts can help get your child looking forward to the start of school. We’ve found a variety of crafts, all of which can be adjusted to fit the needs of your child, we think you’ll love. 

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Friendship Bracelets 

Summer 2023 has been the summer of friendship bracelets, they are everywhere! Bring that trend with your kids back to school by making friendship bracelets for teachers, friends, or other important people in their life!

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Photo Frame 

This is the cutest craft to help commemorate the beginning of the 2023 school year! This fun frame, made of supplies you can find around home, can help get your child ready for school! Snap a picture of your little one on the first day of school and add it to the frame! 

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Water Bottle Cover 

A water bottle cover can help your child carry their water bottle and stay hydrated. While this project requires sewing, it is very minimal. Not only is this a fun way for your child to show their personality, it can be a fun teacher gift too!

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3D Apple Book 

Your child will love this cute apple book filled with encouraging notes and fun pictures. Whether you choose to make this for your child or have your child help create their own book, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face! This craft will be something you will cherish for years to come. 

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School Supplies Handprint Craft 

This handprint craft is super easy to make and such a fun keepsake! It can also add a little pizazz to your first day of school pictures. Your child will have a fun time picking out their favorite school supplies to create their own back to school handprint craft. 

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Back to School Countdown Calendar 

Many young children have a difficult time grasping the concept of time, whether it's minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Creating your own countdown calendar for the first day of school can help them pace their expectations for the beginning of school as well as building excitement for school to start! 

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Personalize a Backpack 

Help your child share their own personality by decorating their backpack. There are many fun ways for children to do this including: googly eyes, iron-on vinyl for a mouth, gluing pompoms, stamping shapes on with paint, ironing on patches, or even fabric pens. There is no end to the options for how your child can personalize their backpack. 

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Emoji Pencil Toppers 

If your little ones are like ours, then fighting over supplies is something we have in common. Many times their school supplies are so similar they can’t even tell them apart. Creating these fun emoji toppers can help add some personality to their supplies and help your little ones tell their things apart. 

School is right around the corner and these fun crafts can gear your child up for an exciting new school year. Don’t let the pressure of making all of these crafts, or making a craft perfect, get to you. Focus on you, your child, and making memories with them! You’ve got this mama!