Behind the Name: Ayla & Co.

Behind the Name: Ayla & Co.

If you read our blog or follow us on instagram, you probably have a good idea of who we are and what we do. But do you know what our name means? It's intentional and personal for our brand, so we decided to break it down in this blog post. 

The name Ayla (eye-lah) in its Hebrew roots means “oak tree” and its Scottish roots means “from a strong and resilient place.” We felt that this was the perfect name to embody all of the qualities of our brand and more importantly, the products we make.

 The initial sketches of the Ayla Bag. Style, comfort, and functionality are all things that we took into consideration when designing our Ayla & Co Diaper Bag. This is one bag that you will love taking with you on all your mom adventures!


Having the strength to remain true to our desires to “do the best we can” in spite of the obstacles that arise. 


Being less reactive while withstanding unpredictable circumstances that make up “life” 


Being steady, persevering, and dependable as a parent.



Exhibiting strength of mind that enables parents to endure adversity with courage.