Parenting Splurges That Are Worth Every Penny

Parenting Splurges That Are Worth Every Penny
We're living through hectic and stressful times, and being a good parent these days feels daunting and important. We've been thinking about how we can parent more intentionally and efficiently, and part of this attitude is investing in products and pieces that will make your life easier. Here are our parenting splurges that are worth every penny!
  • SNOO: Smart Baby Sleeper. We love the Snoo Sleeper because it's a "smart" bassinet, meaning it's responsive to your baby's sleep patterns and movements. It appropriately responds with gentle rocking and snug, safe swaddling. It was created by Dr. Harvey Karp author of 'The 5 S's Happiest Baby on the Block'. Why do parents love it so much? Convenience. Why do babies love it? It imitates the calming sensations of the womb. (Shop Here).                         
  • Owlet Products. Owlet has a variety of chic and effective products from Overnight Pregnancy Trackers to feel your baby's heart rate, to a Smart Sock that tracks your baby's heart rate and and oxygen while they sleep, alerting you if they need to be checked on. Why do parents love them? They worry less and sleep more. Why do babies love it? Products are lightweight and won't irritate their skin or hold them down or wake them up. (Shop Here.)                   
    • Wildbird Slings. You've probably seen these all over instagram, they're so cute. They've created beautiful slings in soft linens and minimal colors and patterns that you will actually want to wear. Sure, they're on a mission to creative comfort and ease. But they also have a drive to honor the bond of heartbeat to heartbeat between parent and baby. Why do parents love it? They're able to move through the day with their baby close. Why do babies love them? Sweet, sweet, comfort. (Shop Here.)                                                     

      • Willow Pump: Wearable Breast Pump. Willow has taken one of the most difficult parts of motherhood to navigate, and made it work with your day-to-day life. You can pump effortlessly, while doing other tasks, hands free. Their motto states "with the freedom of being untethered, you can focus on what really matters." It's easy to see why the baby would love it, but we love knowing there's something out there to make a mothers life a little bit easier. They also sell milk bags! (Shop Here.) 
        • Nugget Furniture. It's part furniture, part toy! The nugget is a soft, configurable couch that can be made into forts, a lounge chair, a tent, and a regular sofa for lounging. It's made up of four foam pieces: base, cushion, and two triangle pillows. Why do kids love it? They can jump around and have fun, exploring their imagination with soft surfaces. Why do parents love it? It's sleek and simple design won't ruin the aesthetic of their home. (Shop Here.)

          • The Ayla Diaper Bag. Created by us, the minimal vegan leather diaper bag created without functional compromises. With thoughtful features like an insulated removable bag and pouches for snacks, you'll never dig around in your purse endlessly again. It's made of vegan leather with four color options, and the inside of the bag can easily be thrown in the wash. (Shop Here.)

          • The Ayla Vac. Our vacuum is unlike any other! Not only does it fit in our bag, but the compact, powerful Ayla Vac features dual-speed suction and long battery life for a full day's messes. This cordless vacuum is easy to empty and grabs everything from glitter to Puffs. (Shop Here.)