Fourth of July Activities for the Whole Family

Fourth of July Activities for the Whole Family

At Ayla and Co, we love to celebrate the Fourth of July! In our opinion, it's the ultimate family holiday. Looking for some fun traditions to start with your family this year? We have rounded up these Fourth of July activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

Pack a picnic! Pack a sack lunch, or grab your favorite take out and enjoy it at the park! Spread a large comfy blanket or play mat out and enjoy some quality family time. 

Go on a hike. Beat the heat and escape to some higher elevations if you are able to with a fun family hike. Make sure to pack lots of snacks and drinks for the family in your Ayla bag. It has plenty of water bottle pockets and the insulated pouch to help keep everything cool.

Find a nearby firework show or light your own! Nothing says Fourth of July quite like fireworks. Check out your local firework shows or put on a show for your own family or neighborhood. Please make sure to check local guidelines in your area before lighting off any fireworks. 

Hang the flag as a family. This fun tradition really helps teach your kids why we celebrate the Fourth of July. Hang the flag together as a family and teach them about the importance and history behind the holiday and flag!

Attend a parade or local Fourth of July celebration. This is always a crowd favorite! The kids will love the energy (and often candy) at the parade and the whole family is sure to get in the spirit of the holiday. Check your local city for nearby parade routes. Better yet, take the kids and participate in the event! Decorate bikes or your car and sign up to walk in the parade! This is sure to be a memory your kids will remember!

See a movie. Beat the heat by getting inside to see a new box office hit, or check out your nearest drive in theater! Make sure to pack pillows, blankets and lots of snacks for the kiddos. 

Make a Fourth of July treat. Make a delicious and festive treat with the kiddos this Fourth of July. Try a new treat each year or find one the whole family loves and make it on repeat. We love this adorable American flag rice crispy recipe! 

Go to a baseball game. Grab the family and check out one of the greatest American past times as a family. “For its one, two , three strikes you’re out at the old ball game!”  Make sure to pack snacks, glasses, and sunscreen in your Ayla bag!

Make tie dye shirts. This tradition is great for all ages! Grab some inexpensive t-shirts and some fabric dye and make some festive Fourth of July shirts that the whole family can wear. Check out this link for easy step by step instructions. 

Go Swimming. Cannonball!! Dive right in at your nearest community pool for a fun Fourth of July tradition that your kids will look forward to every year.  Don’t forget to pack your reusable wet bag that comes included in your Ayla Bag to pack those wet swimsuits in after you swim so you can head out to your next activity without worrying about getting everything in your bag soaking wet!