Getting Your Pink Back

Getting Your Pink Back

Over the past few years, you may have heard the term “getting your pink back” (TM Lindsey Gurk). But what exactly does it mean? The explanation begins by taking a look at the animal kingdom, specifically flamingos. Have you ever noticed that in a flock of flamingos, there are some who seem white or very light pink? Flamingo mothers are drained of their color as they feed and care for their chicks. Eventually, flamingo mothers get their pink back once their chicks become independent and eat on their own. 

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Now, think about this in terms of a human mother. Many mothers feel as though they have poured all their energy (physically, mentally, and emotionally) into caring for their little one(s). The phrase has found popularity on social media and many mothers use the term as a way to explain getting back to who they felt they were before motherhood. With this in mind, we’ve compiled advice from the Ayla & Co. team members about how they feel about “getting their pink back” (TM Lindsey Gurk)

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Do you think you’ve gotten your pink back? Why or why not?

Answers from the team:

"I don't think I have gotten my pink back, but I'm working on it!"

"For me, some days I feel like I have, while other days I don’t. I definitely have found a groove in motherhood, but it is different from before kids. Perhaps I need to come to terms with finding my pink in a different way than I had it before kids, and I don’t mean that in a negative way." 

"I don't think I have gotten my pink back. Maybe a little bit here and there but not entirely, and I don't think I ever will. Coming into adulthood and being a mom there are just some things that I just have to let go and realize I'll never get that part of me back, that was then this is now. I have to embrace that. I'm here to care and love my kids and help them grow and progress. It's just the circle of life."

"Yes, and no! Ha ha. I definitely have more time for me and my stuff than I used to. But, big kid needs aren’t necessarily “smaller” because they are bigger. The emotional drain is different, not smaller."

How long did it take you to get your pink back?

Answers from the team:

"Honestly there are a lot of days where I don't feel like I have it completely back. It's a constant struggle. Some days I feel like it's back, and others I really struggle with that balance. As a mom, I think it may just be a new way of experiencing things and I don't know if it will ever go back to the exact same that it was before."

"It ebbs and flows! I imagine that with every mom. But when my third turned 3, seemed to be a pivotal time when I would say, “I started getting my pink back!”"

"Once my youngest started preschool, I felt a little breath of finding something of my own."

"I am trying to get my pink back by finding time for myself. I am bad at making me time a priority, but have made it a goal of mine to do better."

What is one word to describe how you felt when you didn't have your pink?

Answers from the team:

"Despair. Motherhood was a shock to my system and didn’t come naturally to me."



from: ayla

What was something that helped you get your pink back?

"Kids not needing me for everything! And letting go of a perfect house!"

"Really making time to do the things that I enjoyed before I became a mom. Or, if those things no longer served me, finding new hobbies and things that I enjoyed that bright that sense of self and purpose back."

"Like I mentioned before I don't think I have my pink back entirely but the things that I do have back is because I took time to do the things that I enjoy in my life now."

"Relying on, and calling on, my village. I have a hard time asking for help. But finally realizing I needed to ask for help, gave me a fresh perspective."

from: ayla

What would you tell someone who has lost their pink, and is feeling a little lost?

"It's easy to grieve the loss or change in oneself that motherhood often brings. I would encourage you to embrace that change that comes, find new things that foster that sense of self. Change can be beautiful. It will come, even if you feel lost, just be patient."

"Don’t give up! You’ll get there, eventually, and maybe small steps at a time. Explore different ways to find your pink, it may be different than what you’ve done before!"

"Try to find the things that bring you joy and happiness NOW, and make that become your new you and make sure you give yourself time to do those things you love."

"Life is a rollercoaster, we are always evolving and growing! If it were easy all the time we wouldn’t learn. You’ll find your true color, and then it will change again! But be strong and don’t give up!"

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