Staying Productive after the Holiday Slump

Staying Productive after the Holiday Slump
Do you feel like it’s hard to get back into your daily routine after the holidays? You’re not the only one feeling this way! Many find the days, or weeks, right after the busy holiday season to be difficult getting back to “business as usual”. Give yourself a break, post-holiday blues don’t stick around forever. Give yourself time to get back to daily life. Until then, here are some tips we think you’ll find useful in staying productive. 
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Stop multitasking - It can be tempting to try and multitask, especially after trying to catch up after a busy holiday. If you focus on one task at a time you can finish in less time and move to the next task. 
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Set small “bite sized” goals - Large goals or tasks can feel overwhelming. Break large projects into smaller more manageable tasks. You’ll find you’re able to feel less stressed and less intimidated. 
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Take a break - This can sound counterintuitive, however, it will help you from burning out quickly. Schedule short 10-15 minute breaks in your day to help you renew your motivation. 
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Time block - Time blocking is a well used strategy when attempting to be productive. Divide your day into 60-90 minute sections. When you consciously make the decision to “block” a specific amount of time to a task, you’re more likely to complete that task. 
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Limit distractions - This is much easier said than done, especially when you’re a parent. However, there are small distractions you can cut out to help you stay focused. These can include: turn notifications off on your phone, find a quiet place to work or get headphones, avoid using social media, if you don’t need to use the internet - turn it off. 
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Do the hardest task first - Many times it can seem so easy to get those quick, simple tasks out of the way. However, do your most difficult tasks first, when your motivation and focus is at its peak. This will help keep your motivation high throughout your day. 
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Make a list - Before jumping headfirst into your day, write down what you need to get done. You can then see what tasks need to be prioritized first or if specific tasks need to be completed at a set time. Sometimes making your list the night before can help you get a head start on the following day. 
Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you have to implement all of these tips into your life. Some of these tips may not work for you and your family, while others fit in seamlessly with your routine. Keep in mind that many find themselves in the post-holiday blues, and it's okay! It’s normal to feel this way after the holidays. For some the holidays were busy, full of intense stress, or high emotions. Though there isn’t a definitive timeline for how long the post-holiday blues last, if after some time you’re still feeling sad, not looking forward to upcoming events, and not finding joy in things you once did - please talk to a mental health professional.