Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips
Winter is here and with it comes cold, dry air which can cause irritation and dryness to your skin. Between cold air and harsh winds outdoors, and dry heat indoors - it’s easy to find yourself dealing with skin issues. Though winter is inevitable, irritated skin doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips, from dermatologists, to help your skin stay healthy in the winter. 
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Moisturize: Say it with us: “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” Moisturizing frequently, with a thicker moisturizer will help retain and seal moisture in your skin. Even if you have oily or acne prone skin, you still need moisture. Try using a hydrating, oil-free, fragrance-free moisturizer. 
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Switch your cleanser: During the winter try to avoid cleansers that are harsh on your face. Use a gentle, fragrance-free, hydrating cleanser. If you are using a cleanser that makes you feel “squeaky clean” you're likely stripping natural moisture from your skin.
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Limit hot showers: Hot water dries your skin. While a hot shower on a cold day sounds wonderful, try to limit the number of hot showers you’re taking. Take lukewarm water showers for no longer than 15 minutes to avoid irritating your skin. 
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Avoid common skin irritants: Common skin irritants include bath mitts, loofahs, scented products and scrubs. Other skincare products that can irritate your skin in winter are: retinoids, exfoliating acids, and vitamin C. Already irritated skin can inflame more with the use of these items. Attempt using less potent versions of these skincare items or hold off on their use during the winter months. Try using soaps and body washes that are unscented. 
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Exfoliate: Without exfoliating your dry skin will continue to stay dry. Avoiding harsh scrubs and opting for moisturizers that contain lactic acid can help draw moisture into your skin, while also exfoliating your skin. 
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Use sunscreen: Just because it's cooler doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need protection from harmful UVA rays that are still present in the winer. In fact, the sun's reflection off of snow or through clouds can give you a serious sunburn! Try using a daily moisturizer with built-in sunscreen each morning and reapply if you’ll be doing any outdoor activities. 
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Hydrate and limit alcohol consumption: Alcohol can seriously dehydrate you, limit these beverages and hydrate with water throughout the day. Use of a humidifier at night is a great way to help keep moisture in the air, within your home. 
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Lip balm: Using lip balm, with SPF, in the morning and throughout the day can help seal moisture into your lips and keep them from drying and cracking. 
There is no need to give your skincare regimen an overhaul when winter hits, but these few minor changes can help your skin from becoming too dry and irritated. If you are having serious skin issues, it’s best to contact your local dermatologist and seek advice.