Tips for Building Healthy Habits with Kids

Tips for Building Healthy Habits with Kids

Starting to teach your kids healthy habits at a young age, will help them use those same healthy habits as adults. We all know getting and keeping kids on the right track can be difficult. We’ve gathered some tips to help!

What are some Healthy Habits:

  • Nutrition
  • Drinking plenty of water 
  • Good hygiene 
  • Physical activity
  • Prioritizing sleep
  • Stress management


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Tip #1: Demonstrate Healthy Habits

Showing your child that you also take part in healthy habits is one of the best ways to help your child begin using healthy habits as well. Children look up to their parents and want to be like them, so use this as a tool to show your child how beneficial healthy habits are. 


from: Good Parenting Bright Children

Tip #2: Be Realistic

Set realistic limits and goals for your children. Being realistic, whether trying to start a new habit or keeping a long time habit, is key to being successful. Take small steps and make gradual changes to eventually build to where you want yourself or your child to be. 


from: Read Smart Learning

Tip #3: Be Involved

Show interest in your child and their interests. Engage your child in conversation and help be an advocate for your child, so they too can learn to advocate for themselves. Showing your child that you are also taking part in healthy habits helps them feel more connected.


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Tip #4: Encourage your Child

Keep it positive. If your child is only feeling negative towards learning a healthy habit, they likely aren’t going to keep up with it or do it correctly. Help them see the benefit of healthy habits! Celebrate their successes and tell them what they can do! 


from: Today's Parent

Tip #5: Reward

Kids love feeling rewarded! Try introducing rewards for healthy habits. Make long-term and short-term rewards available to your child. Offer something special to your child. This doesn’t have to be big, it can be small and meaningful for your child. 


from: Teach Hub

Tip #6 Involve your Child

Help your child be an active participant in these healthy habits. This could be as simple as having them read food labels with you, planning outdoor activities, grocery shopping, or even helping with cooking. Children love to feel like they are included and part of something. Allow your child the space to be responsible. 


Raising children is hard, that is something we can all agree on! What healthy habits and how you choose to incorporate them into your child’s life is up to you. These tips can be used as a general guideline to help you and your child form long lasting healthy habits.