What you DO NOT Need in your Hospital Bag

What you DO NOT Need in your Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bag is something every expecting mom has on their to-do list. We are all guilty of overpacking at some point in our lives, let's not make the birth of your baby one of those times. We’ve made a list of items you can leave out of your hospital bag. Now, before we get into our list, please keep in mind that everyone is different and may want to use these items - and that’s okay! It’s best to evaluate what your preferences are, what you feel comfortable with, and what you think you’ll realistically use. 

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After going through labor and giving birth, makeup will be one of the last things on your mind. Even if you have a photographer coming or just your partner taking pictures, spend that time enjoying your new addition. Camera or not, your baby will just want to be with you. 

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Unnecessary Toiletries

In general, your hospital stay will only be a few days. Wash and blow dry your hair, shave, etc. a few days before heading to give birth. You’ll be staying for such a short amount of time that you won’t need or use those items. 


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Fancy Underwear

Having a baby is natural and beautiful. However, your body won’t be ready for those fancy or sexy items just yet! After having your baby, you’ll likely find yourself wearing, and enjoying, mesh hospital underwear or disposable diapers. 


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Pre-Pregnancy or Fancy Clothes

Very rarely are women able to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes directly after giving birth. You’ve spent the last 9 months growing a human, your body has changed a lot and will need time. Give yourself, and your body, grace. Bring comfy clothes for you and your baby. You will likely get covered in a number of your baby’s bodily fluids, don’t bring something you’ll be devastated if it is ruined. Wear something soft, so when your baby is nestled against you, your bundle of joy’s sensitive skin won’t be irritated with. 


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Nursery products 

Having a new baby is exciting! Getting all the new, tiny items is so much fun! As exciting as all these tools, creams, and items are, your baby won’t need them yet. The hospital will also provide these items. Save yourself the room in your bag and leave these items at home. 


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Lots of Cute Baby Clothes

Newborn baby clothes are so adorable, and you’ve likely been waiting for months to put these clothes on your baby. However, you’ll find the hospital provided baby clothes will be much easier for feedings, diaper changes, and skin-to-skin. Pack one, weather appropriate, comfy outfit to bring your baby home. 

As you prepare for the hospital think about what you absolutely need and pack those items. If you’re on the fence, talk to your partner or a friend to see if it will be useful. Remember everyone is different and won’t need all the same items. However, you know yourself better than anyone else! Don’t stress over what is in your hospital bag, but find the time and space to enjoy the time of your new addition - this is what is most important.